Android Command Advanced Control Labratory

At Android Command Advanced Control Labratory (ACACL), we believe the chipset that runs the Android operating system can do much more than it does today. The primary reasoning for this is the number of devices shipping drives down the cost of the hardware while the software is open source so that expense is linear to one's imagination. The end result is there is almost no limit to what one can control using the Android chip set and the Android operating system by moving the command line into the browser.

The Android platform is well accepted as a general comunications platform. Android can "pull" information from the web such as where is the nearest autoparts store? Android can "push" information to the web like video of where you are and what your doing. Today IBM Researchers want to use Android to "Geo Locate" potholes and failed streetlights. This last example shows how the Android can move beyond the mainstream communications media driver and become part of the infrastructure. Our goal at ACACL is to take Android to the next level, to make it the Infrastructure of Everything .

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